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About Us

Let us give you what you deserve!

Located in the majestic embrace of the biggest caldera in the world and by the white traditional cave houses, White Side Suites offers the best unobstructed views of the most famous sunset in the world. White Side Suites offer both, the best location for the mesmerizing views of Santorini while providing a reasonable and cozy accommodation for couples but also for groups of friends. Due to its unique location, our guests will realize they are in the best spot among the village, where visitors from all over the world gather to admire the incredible sunset colors and the sun sinking in the deep blue Aegean Sea providing images similar to fairytales. "It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream." Bern Williams.

Allow Greek hospitality embrace you and allow us make you feel like home! We truly care about your experience and our goal is that you will spread nice words with regards to your stay in Greece upon your departure.

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